Anthem for the Brokenhearted Songbird

By: Anhvu Buchanan and Brent Piller



A coward births a coward births a coward births a coward who births silence. Hail mother full of song blessed be the eggs the spirit the flight. Drink from the cup from the wrists from the melody lost in flight. Or is it fight? I am telling you nothing. Blest are they hiding in the bleeding grass. Theirs is the kingdom of never today. God great God wrong God never signed up for this. Here I am telling you everything. The lips of the master stay chapped stay charred. Let’s call it tarred. Every heart smells the same even broken. Every house has a door and every window can be opened. Every chorus has a purpose every chant lives forever. They will sing from now until space until their bellies are filled with ash until they can look toward the sky and see the blue of before and before and before.






Anhvu Buchanan is the author of The Disordered (sunnyoutside press)
and Backhanded Compliments & Other Ways to Say I Love You (Works on
Paper Press ) and Which Way To Go or Here (Platypus Press, 2016)
co-written with Brent Piller. He currently teaches in San Francisco
and can be found online at

Brent Piller is the co-author (along with Anhvu Buchanan) of the
mini-chapbook Which Way to Go or Here (Platypus Press, 2016). His
poems have appeared recently in or forthcoming in (b)OINK, Gramma,
Wildness, Reservoir, and Yellow Chair Review. He can be reached at

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