By: Trevor K. Allred



Even friends move on. And the world
is so much bigger than me.
When did you realize you weren’t home?

I find myself thinking of the word “ghosts” as I look up tonight.

It’s 10pm in outer space.

             (I am driving forever into stars;            nothing can stop me.                  Space has
             its music. It’s what echoes         are made of.     Somewhere,
             right now,         Jupiter is swallowing nothing                again and again and again)

I walk back to my car.





Trevor Kaiser Allred has work published in Boned Stories, Eunoia Review, and Pomona Valley Review, and was a poetry judge for DASH Literary Journal Vol 9. He is the Community Relations Manager at 1888 Center, a non-profit cultural center for the literary arts, and is a poet at The dA Center for the Arts. Keep in touch @TrevKAllred on Instagram or Twitter or more at

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