An Astronaut Finds Love in a High School Gymnasium

By: Audrey Dubois

from here the planet
like a marble tipped
out of a cosmic pocket
follows invisible
lines of
pulls, caught between
freedom & Newton’s laws of
motion– I imagine
patterns that guide
both of us
watch infinite variables
through random chance
create a place where
complex forms of life
spring from atoms which
cling to one another & I
the spheres as
if they were particles
at this distance
revolution of bodies
is an accident of entropy

spinning in high heels
over hardwood floors
a jumble of teens
orbits around
the basketball court
waves of song-fueled
attraction & relentless
energy propel me into
a singular
impulse– pressing
my lipstick to your blush &
at the moment of impact
rest in balance until
you smile back
the two of us
blur into hairspray & tulle– we
crash together– we
dance to
the music of
synth percussion which
would soon become heartbeat
we revel in
existing at the same time
& I consider it a miracle

Audrey Dubois is a Rhode Island poet and recent MFA graduate of Emerson College. Her work has appeared in The Fiddlehead, Funicular, and Inklette. She likes unusual antiques, ancient epics, and eating cereal. You can find her online at @platypusinplaid.