Gravitational Seduction

By: Heather Hughes



in this : the year of drowning
fantasies : who identifies
                           the carcass

I’m the particle
                          I posit

                                        to explain
                                        the absence

                                                      no : I’m

turn me to gold : turn me
into a satellite-whip :

          a sterile

I named the robot

: be careful :
: as you pass :

the history of bad
                       readers : I mean :
                                  bad machines

                                  I mean : merely history

who is the knife

           afterlife knife : harmless
           bathtub knife : strict dresscode knife :
                       aphasia knife : striptease

eureka : a body


I’ve said it
a thousand times : a woman

                                        is a contained
                                                       explosion :

if I have a choice : I’ll trust the eponymous
             nonexistent dead one :

                            don’t wait up

reward me : I want : like
               everyone else : recognition
                              for my goodness

the robot invents
                             a new too-famous
                             suicide skirt :

                             there isn’t a name
                                           for the widow : but
                                                         it should be Astucia

venus too
                              bright : who licks
                                            the ankle strapped
                                            by the spikiest heel
                                                                       and stays after
                                                                                     the lightning

turn me on a lathe : turn
              my crank : turn the toothy
                           automata key

feel the click

: we’ll talk :
: and I won’t :
: understand :

: if that will make you happier :

little lexicon
                            of recorded bodies :

                                           ready to be

set the noxious gas-giant
stage for the reenactment : reject
              horror : unless the lighting
              is just-so : the faces exquisite

              someone : the screen
              reassures : someone
                              else will
                              show up

I huddle
                         in the ugly  yes
                                                            of the mechanical

the story buried
in the story is typically
                                        a warning : unless
                                        it is a history

: the noise :
: came :
: from here :

I cannot gift
the gear-perfect
godling : but I promise

a sword : I promise the usual
unsavory revenge : a swift
and fantastic tragedy of accolades

the frost bowl
              collects its miracle :
               morning collects
                                its coin



heather hughes

Heather Hughes hangs her heart in her native Miami and her current town of Somerville. Her poems recently appear or are forthcoming in The Adroit Journal, Denver Quarterly, Glass: A Journal of Poetry, Gulf Coast, Prelude, and other journals. She is also a letterpress printer, a writer for Mass Poetry online, and an editorial associate for Scoundrel Time. Find her online at

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